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Wholesale reusable gel packs from Rapid Aid provide fast, effective cooling treatment for acute injuries and ongoing pain relief.

Rapid Aid is the oldest supplier of cold gel therapy products in North America. We have over 45 years of experience manufacturing a wide variety of private-labeled or branded products. Our reusable gel packs, used for cold therapy, can effectively relieve acute injuries and pain-related injuries, used for cold therapy. Here’s why Rapid Aid’s products can offer your customers or patients the comfort and relief they need.

When To Use Reusable Gel Packs

Reusable gel packs are a multi-purpose product that can be used to treat the following:

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Torn muscles

Torn muscles

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Workout recovery

Fresh injuries

Fresh injuries

By immediately applying a gel ice pack to an acute injury for 20 minutes, users can reduce bruising, inflammation, and swelling, along with relief from pain. Cold therapy works to constrict blood vessels and decreases pain by blocking pain signals to the brain. Cold therapy also reduces muscle spasms and increases cell metabolism (which may cause cell death).

The use of gel ice packs by athletes has become popular due to their effectiveness in treating sports injuries that are acute (sudden onset), chronic, or long-term. Cold therapy is beneficial when applied after the onset of acute inflammation. So this benefits almost anyone requiring this type of relief and is another reason why Rapid Aid’s Ice Packs are beneficial to a wide range of people.

Although they are effective for a wide range of people, their usage depends on the individual and is unsuitable for everyone. It is always advised that individuals consult a medical professional before use, especially those with deep vein thrombosis, peripheral vascular disease, open wounds, circulatory problems, or diabetes.

Why You Should Stock Reusable Gel Packs

It’s easy to see the benefits of cold therapy, and reusable gel packs are an inexpensive way for your customers and patients to achieve pain relief and decrease inflammation following an injury. Our wholesale reusable gel packs are available as:

Reusable Cold Gel Compresses: This product is an economic staple for every medicine cabinet in treating all types of bumps and bruises.

Premium Reusable Cold Gel Compresses: Made for use directly on the skin, our premium cold gel compress features our patent-pending triple-layer premium fabric that is tough on the inside but soft to the touch.

Universal Reusable Hot & Gold Gel Wrap: Used to treat everything from general aches and pains to menstrual discomfort to sports injuries. The wrap features self-adhering velcro straps for a hands-free application to the body.

Gel Bead Packs: One of our latest innovations, these gel bead packs feature our soft premium cloth fabric on one side for maximum comfort and ease of use.

Gel Neck And Shoulder Wrap: Made with our soft, deluxe fabric, this neck and shoulder wrap is filled with our Contour-Gel that molds to the body. This is useful for providing pain relief to awkward body areas such as the neck and shoulders.

Gel Packs for Joint Pain: Rapid Aid’s ability to constantly innovate new products has resulted in the development of products that target hard-to-cover areas of the body, such as our multi-use joint pain pack. This product can be applied to any joint, such as the knees, wrists, and elbows. We also have developed a foot pain pack for use on the ball of the foot or ankle and a finger injury cold wrap for pain relief to the smallest parts of the body.

Cold Gel Slippers: This product works to soothe aching and tired feet by providing cold comfort to the feet, especially after a long day of standing or wearing uncomfortable footwear. Rapid Aid’s cold gel slippers are also used by patients who experience neuropathy caused by chemotherapy.

Our wholesale reusable gel packs are an inexpensive for patients and customers to apply cold therapy to an injury. You can purchase our products in any quantity and can be sold in both retail and medical environments to support pain management.

Why Work With Rapid Aid?

Rapid Aid’s products are made of the highest quality and are designed to meet the needs of all of our customers. Companies interested in custom design or manufacturing come to us because we are a leading developer with clients worldwide. Our products are patented and proprietary and will go beyond the requirements of any audit by a third-party company.

Global Reach

Rapid Aid can respond quickly and efficiently to the needs of our customers worldwide thanks to our global manufacturing facilities. We are headquartered in Mississauga, ON, with a manufacturing facility that rapidly responds to domestic orders. We have two other manufacturing facilities in China and Vietnam, both wholly-owned and allowing for a global reach.

Commitment to Quality Control

As a Tier I Quality and Regulatory Compliance provider, we can guarantee the safety and quality of our products. Rapid Aid’s commitment to quality control means that we surpass third-party audit requirements consistently. That’s because we regularly conduct quality and social audits which meet the needs of our regular customers working in retail and medical industries.

Because of our international reach, we can guarantee Rapid Aid’s compliance with quality and safety standards everywhere in the world. Every product sold by our company meets the regulations that are in place in every country we sell to.

Brand Options

Rapid Relief Brand: Rapid Aid offers its in-house brand, Rapid Relief, for customers, allowing you to purchase our products as extensions for your own. Our support extends to in-house testing, research and development, and quality management. This gives you a top-quality product that you will be proud to sell.

Private Label Solutions: We will work with you to expand your existing private label product line with the latest innovations from our labs. We will work with you to manage the entire process from design to delivery – Rapid Aid is here to competitively and strategically develop your business.

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