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Injuries are a way of life for professional athletes and laymen alike, and just as there are many different types of sports, there are also different types of injuries that require treatment. If you are a medical supplier, distributor, or retailer, you will need to stock solutions for all types of injuries.

Rapid Aid is the oldest supplier of hot and cold therapy products in North America. With over 45 years of experience and over 400 SKUs, our wide variety of private-labeled or branded products ensures that no matter how specific the injury, there will always be an option available from Rapid Aid. Here is some information about the types of  gel ice packs you might need for your customers and patients.

When to use ice packs

Depending on the individual’s type of injury and age, cold therapy may differ from person to person. Cold therapy is typically best used for:

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Torn muscles

Torn muscles

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Workout recovery

Fresh injuries

Fresh injuries

Cold products reduce swelling, inflammation, and bruising and are used to relieve pain caused by acute injuries immediately and should be applied for up to 20 minutes at a time.

Cold applications are not always suitable for everyone. This can include the elderly, medically compromised individuals, people with conditions such as deep vein thrombosis, peripheral vascular disease, open wounds, and those with cold allergies or impairments such as sensation or cognitive.

For athletes, cold therapy is a popular treatment method fused as first aid for acute (sudden onset) sports injuries and beneficial for chronic and long-term injuries. The products we manufacture for stocking, gel ice packs, can reduce swelling by constricting blood vessels and decrease pain by blocking pain signals to the brain. It also reduces muscle spasms and increases cell metabolism that may cause cell death.

As with all injuries or pain, seek medical advice if there is persistent numbness, pain, or severe discomfort. And as with any medical treatment, consult your doctor and product cautions before treating any medical condition.

Cold therapy is especially useful when combined with adequate rest, proper care, correct posture, and supplementary exercise after acute inflammation. It can help to speed up the recovery of many painful conditions. If in doubt, seek advice from a physiotherapist or health staff.

Why you should stock gel ice packs

As noted above, cold therapy using wholesale ice packs and gel packs is an inexpensive way for customers and patients to address pain, swelling, and inflammation after an injury. Our wholesale packs are available as:

  • Instant cold compresses: these convenient packs are made of calcium ammonium nitrate, urea or, urea blend and act to soothe an injury instantly.
  • Reusable gel packs: are made of unique gel that once frozen can mould to the any part of the body for pain relief.
  • Wellness/comfort products: these unique products are designed to provide comfort and soothe any affected area of the body. Our clay products provide deep penetrating cold therapy while our oat products provide a soft, soothing touch to the skin.
  • Maternity products: Explicitly designed for pre or postpartum, these products can provide relief to the perineal area before and after birth, breastfeeding, and post-op surgery relief.

Rapid Aid products are purchased by some of the leading retail and medical distribution companies to treat millions of injuries and ailments. Our cold products help support pain management therapies in retail and medical settings and are available for in any quantity.

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Wholesale Ice Packs

Ice packs treat injuries quickly and effectively. This is especially true of our line of instant cold products as they self-activate, cooling down quickly. Our instant cold packs (which must be wrapped in a cloth or towel before applying to the skin) deliver around 1°C/34°F of cold therapy when activated at normal room temperatures. Our Instant cold packs with Gentle Touch™ self-activate and provide 2°C/36°F of cold therapy that may be used directly on the skin.

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Wholesale Gel Ice Packs

Ice packs are reusable, making them ideal for saving money and reducing waste. We offer reusable hot and cold compresses, deluxe reusable hot and cold compresses, multi-purposes hot and cold gel bead packs, and other  gel ice products that deliver the best comfort and relief to those who need it.

Why Work With Rapid Aid?

As a leading global developer and manufacturer, Rapid Aid has patented proprietary products designed specifically to meet the needs of these markets and can even custom design and manufacture for companies looking to extend their product line or brand. Our products are guaranteed to be of the highest quality and surpass third-party organizations’ audit requirements.

Global Manufacturing

We are headquartered in Mississauga, ON, Canada, where we have two manufacturing facilities. This allows us to provide domestic capabilities to respond quickly to our customer’s needs. Additionally, we have wholly-owned manufacturing facilities in China and Vietnam. Having global reach, we can ship our products quickly and efficiently, worldwide.

High-Quality Products and Compliance Standards

Quality control is in our DNA. We are a Tier I Quality and Regulatory Compliance provider and guarantee to exceed the requirements for quality and safety. We routinely conduct quality and social audits to meet the needs of our reputable customers in the medical and retail fields. Additionally, we consistently surpass third-party audit requirements and audits conducted by these organizations.

We understand the regulations and quality controls in place around the world. We guarantee that every product we create complies with the strictest international standards for quality and safety.

All products are Ammonium-Nitrate free (Urea and Urea blend)and comply with Government of Canada Restricted Components Regulations (“RCR”)


With over 400 product SKUs and 30 patents, we offer the greatest number of innovative temperature-related solutions on the market. Our products are designed to be safe for use while working effectively, and we offer leakproof and latex-free solutions.

Private or Rapid Relief Brand Options

Whether you want to purchase our Rapid Aid branded solution as an extension to your own product offering or create your own brand of products, we offer wholesale options to help you reduce costs and to provide years of customer satisfaction with a stable supply chain. We offer R&D, in-house testing, quality management, and other support to produce a product that you’re proud to use.

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Contact Rapid Aid for Your Medical and Retail Distribution Requirements

We offer medical, retail hot and cold pain solutions as well as cold chain packaging solutions to customers around the globe. We only focus on hot and cold solutions, letting you increase your brand presence with quality products and purchase wholesale products you need at affordable rates. Contact Rapid Aid to learn more about our products at 1-800-COLD-HOT.