Rapid Aid provides the widest selection of hot & cold therapy and transportation products in the world, both branded and in private label. Among the well over 400 private label and branded SKU’s we manufacture, we are committed to providing your business with the right solution to help you achieve your goals with our temperature controlled solutions.

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From instant cold packs for treating injuries on the sidelines to instant hot packs for relief of chronic pain, Rapid Aid instantly “Makes it better”. We manufacture dozens of instant cold, hot and warm therapy products – ranging from entry-level to premium care – all built with the trusted expertise and quality that can only come with decades of experience.

Our instant products are safe, easy to use, affordable and effective, and are a staple in both the medical and retail environment.

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Our reusable hot and cold therapy products are the most trusted and effective on the market. We provide an industry-leading selection of designs – from our classic reusable gel pack to our seven-item foot care line, Rapid Aid drives the benefits of hot and cold therapy with a comprehensive catalogue that has a product for every ache and pain.

With Rapid Aid’s variety of consumer favourites combined with new, targeted innovations, our hot and cold therapy items deliver the best in comfort and relief at the point of first contact, and enrich the continuum of care through the full spectrum of an injury.

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To complement our instant and reusable gel hot and cold items, Rapid Aid has developed high performance moist-heat products with unique features to provide the best in relief of pain and stress. Our grain and clay-based reusable hot and cold therapy items provide long-lasting, deep tissue penetrating heat and pain suppressing cold – in one comfortable and effective package.

These products are 100% natural, and are proven to reduce stiffness, aches and stress with prolonged heat. We also provide a unique pocket on many of these items to insert our reusable gel packs for improved cold therapy – an industry exclusive design feature not found on leading competitors’ products.

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Encompassing both instant and reusable relief items, our maternity line is carefully designed to specifically address pre-natal, post-natal and post-vasectomy discomfort. Our most premium product features are implemented to provide the best in comfort and relief for your patients.

From our instant cold perineal compresses to our reusable hot or cold breast pads, Rapid Aid’s maternity line ensures that patients receive the comfort they need, with maximum relief, and minimal nursing intervention.

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Ensuring the safe transport of temperature sensitive goods such as medicines, blood & tissue samples, frozen foods, and home delivery meals is a critical step in the cold transportation process.  Rapid Aid’s cold chain packaging solutions range in products from small transportation gel packs to large foam coolers, that will ensure the safe transport of these and other temperature sensitive items.

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