Founded in 1975, Rapid Aid has consistently exceeded customer expectations through continuous creativity, professionalism, and growth. Over our history, we have proudly treated millions of the world’s bumps and bruises.

Our company is built on a foundation of entrepreneurship stemming from our owner and CEO of over 30 years, Mr. Jeff Whitely. Jeff was a young, innovative individual who identified the importance of a natural and drug-free method of healing when he took the helm of Rapid Aid over three decades ago. Starting out with limited resources and space, but armed with a vision and drive to succeed, Jeff has since turned Rapid Aid into the world’s leading designer and manufacturer in the hot and cold therapy industry.

From our humble beginnings over four decades ago, Rapid Aid has grown exponentially to work across multiple continents and with the largest global distributors and retailers.

We now occupy three state-of-the-art, wholly-owned manufacturing facilities in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, Danyang, Jiangsu, China and most recently, Hai Phong City, Vietnam.  With distribution capabilities spanning three continents our multi-production systems are working in tandem every day to produce millions of units a month, healing bumps and bruises around the globe.

Continuing in the forward-thinking tradition at Rapid Aid, Mr. Curtis Scott, our long-time team member and General Manager of Rapid Aid China, recently became a partner in the company. Curtis leads our Asia production facilities, working closely with our trusted local management and maintaining an intrinsic link to our Canadian operations. Curtis and our team in East China and Vietnam have consistently improved plant automation, personnel training and corporate social responsibility, all to the satisfaction of our strict international standards.

Over our many years of focusing on a single healthcare category, we hold dozens of international patents, patents pending and trademarks across three continents. Our global team is deeply specialized, and committed to developing our sole concentration at Rapid Aid hot and cold therapy products. Moving forward, Rapid Aid continues to drive expertise and innovation in our industry, and we look forward to Making It Better for our clients and the public for decades to come.