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Since 1975, Rapid Aid has been the leading global developer and manufacturer of temperature-related solutions for the healthcare, transportation, food, and retail sectors. Our patented, proprietary products are designed specifically for the needs of each market. They include hot and cold therapy products for use in injury, comfort, or surgery and temperature-controlled solutions to maintain the integrity of products. Whether looking for a private label or Rapid Aid branded solution, our solutions allow your company to be both innovative and cost-effective. Our head office is in Mississauga, Ontario, and we proudly produce over 400 products both in Canada and our wholly-owned manufacturing facilities in China and Vietnam.

Medical Solutions

Rapid Aid has been supplying the world’s largest medical distributors, suppliers and EMS providers with trusted hot and cold therapy solutions for decades.

Retail Solutions

Whether a global retail giant or a small volume store, Rapid Aid can provide you with the hot and cold therapy solutions your customers will respond to.

Our Global Capacity

With dual-site wholly owned production facilities in North America and Asia, Rapid Aid can quickly and efficiently react to changes in your business.

Our Partners

Rapid Aid works closely with some of the world’s most well-known retail chains and medical companies, consistently delivering on our promises of quality, efficiency and exceptional client service.

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