Whether a global retail giant or a small volume chain, Rapid Aid can provide you with the hot and cold solutions your customers want.

Private Labelling

Rapid Aid is a true expert in retail level private labeling solutions. For years, we have worked closely with the globe’s largest retail outlets, surpassing their expectations and developing new products for today’s discerning consumer.

Whether you are looking to bring on a core set of hot and cold therapy products, cold chain packaging solutions, or expand your existing line with the latest innovations from Rapid Aid’s labs, we are ready to work with you on all your private label needs. We keep a close eye on consumer trends across the industry – Rapid Aid is here to competitively and strategically develop your business.

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Rapid Relief – Our In-House Solution

Do you want to carry Rapid Aid hot and cold therapy products, but don’t have the volumes to run private labelling? Let our brand take care of your needs.

Our in-house brand is a high-quality, trusted option for your store shelves. Rapid Relief branded products are found in stores of many shapes and sizes, and cover the broadest range of hot and cold therapy solutions in the industry.

If you are interested in carrying Rapid Relief brand products, contact us below for a more information.

rapid relief

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