Rapid Aid is a leader in private label and branded wholesale gel packs.

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Rapid Aid’s gel packs offer immediate relief to acute injuries and can be used for ongoing pain relief. With over 45 years of experience in private label and branded products, you can rest assured that we are experts in manufacturing hot and cold therapy products and are the experts for gel pack manufacturer in North America.

When you cross the oldest gel pack manufacturer in North America with the highest quality product, you get Rapid Aid. You also get a company that can provide your customers with the product they need at a competitive price.

When To Use Reusable Gel Packs

Medical and retail suppliers have trusted our gel packs for years to treat the pain caused by:

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Torn muscles

Torn muscles

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Workout recovery

Fresh injuries

Fresh injuries

When an individual sustains an injury or experiences pain and discomfort, applying a hot or cold gel pack to the affected area will give them immediate relief while allowing the body to heal quickly. When applied to an acute injury (sprain or strain), cold therapy works by constricting the blood vessels (which helps reduce inflammation and bruising) and decreases pain by blocking pain signals to the brain. Cold therapy can also increase cell metabolism, which is responsible for cell death, and can reduce muscle spasms.

Alternatively, hot therapy can be applied to an individual experiencing ongoing pain and discomfort caused by stiff joints or muscle aches. The heat increases blood flow to help heal the damaged tissue while also improving flexibility and mobility in the affected area.

Although cold and heat therapy is effective for most people, their usage depends on the individual. It is always advised that individuals consult a medical professional before use, especially those with circulatory problems, open wounds, or diabetes.

Why You Should Stock Gel Packs

Covid had two major effects on gel packs that medical distributors and retailers alike should be aware if. People stopped doing optional surgeries. This meant that now with Covid restrictions lifted, people are going back to the operating table and they need gel packs to be in stock.

Secondly, when venues were locked down, indoor sports, such as basketball, hockey, and others were affected, which comes down to a simple formula: No sports. No sports injuries. Now that sports are back in full swing, we are seeing an uptick in the need for non-medical treatments related to injuries and pain caused by sports. Each season has its own major sports. Don’t get caught without a stock of the gel packs you need to meet the demand.

Gel packs are inexpensive, and with all of the ways they can be used and all of the types of injuries they can treat, they’re a great option to offer your customers or patients. With our wholesale program, you will have access to over 400 products suitable for any customer’s needs.

 Reusable gel compresses are the standard, offering the basic level of care your customers are looking for with minor injuries.

Premium Reusable Gel Compresses offer a slight upgrade, providing a triple layer of fabric in a patent-pending design.

Universal Reusable Hot & Cold Gel Wraps offer velcro straps to make them easier to attach directly over an injury, making it easier to apply the proper support.

Gel Packs for Joint Pain are designed to fit over and around joints in areas that can otherwise be difficult to reach with standard gel packs and come in a range of custom sizes for different types of joints.

Gel Bead Packs are new, but they offer a soft surface with just the right coolness to create a comfortable and effective level of care for patients.

Gel Neck And Shoulder Wraps are designed specifically for the neck and shoulders, offering a specially designed contour for this area of the body

Hot & Cold Gel Slippers are great for patients who suffer from foot pain, such as pregnant women or those undergoing chemotherapy.

Our reusable gel packs are available wholesale and are an inexpensive option for pain relief. You can purchase our products in any quantity, and they can be sold in both retail and medical environments that offer pain management solutions.

Does Rapid Aid Have What You Need?

Rapid Aid is one of the top brand for gel pack manufacturers for a reason. Combined with our experience, we continue to innovate new products to make them better and more versatile for you and your customers or patients. As a global manufacturer and expert in our industry, this is what we can offer you:

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