Rapid Aid is a leader in private label and branded wholesale gel packs.

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Reusable gel packs have dozens of applications that make them an excellent choice for sports clinics, doctors’ offices, schools, and much more. Still, before starting to reap their benefits, you need to find hot and cold gel pack manufacturers.

Out of the many North American wholesale gel pack manufacturers, Rapid Aid is the oldest supplier with more than 45 years of history manufacturing branded and private-labeled products for distributors. Our reusable gel packs provide heat and cold therapy and are effective ways to treat pain-related injuries and other acute injuries on the spot.

What Are Reusable Gel Packs Used to Treat?

Gel cold packs treat acute injuries where swelling may be present. Studies show that placing a gel ice pack on an injury immediately after it occurs for 20 minutes can help reduce swelling, inflammation, and bruising and provide immediate pill-free relief from pain. 

This works simply because cold temperatures temporarily constrict blood vessels which block the nerves from radiating pain signals to the brain. In addition, immediate use of cold therapy can also help increase cell metabolism and reduce muscle spasms after injury.

Athletes commonly use cold gel packs because they are the fastest way to treat unpredictable acute injuries and an array of chronic wounds that require icing at periodic time frames. As the leading hot and cold gel pack manufacturer, Rapid Aid is proud to create a product that benefits an extensive range of people.

Why Invest in Reusable Gel Packs?

If you are a distributor looking for a new product, reusable gel packs can be a great niche industry to enter. Cold therapy has proven benefits, and our gel packs are inexpensive, making them widely accessible to patients and customers.

Rapid Aid is the leading hot and cold gel pack manufacturer of a variety of gel pack products, including:

We pride ourselves on creating an inexpensive product that benefits customers and patients after an injury. Our products can be purchased in custom quantities and are designed for easy sale within medical and retail environments.

Why Choose Rapid Aid?

There are a lot of hot and cold gel pack manufacturers, but there is a reason why Rapid Aid has successfully navigated the manufacturing industry for over four decades. We create high-quality products that meet the needs of our target base. Companies enjoy working with Rapid Aid because of our custom designs and our custom quantity option, which not all wholesalers offer.

Worldwide Manufacturer and Supplier

We are proud to offer our amazing clients the advantage of our global manufacturing facilities, allowing us to fulfill orders quickly. Our headquarters are located in Canada, and our two manufacturing facilities are in China and Vietnam. 

Strict Quality Control Standards

Rapid Aid is proud to be a Tier I Quality and Regulatory Compliance Provider, which means we go the extra mile to ensure all of the products that leave our plants are safe and high-quality. Our commitment to control quality allows us to easily pass third-party audit requirements without issues.

As a global company, we also meet worldwide safety and quality standards and guarantee that our products meet all regulations in each country where we regularly conduct business.

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