Warm + Cool Gel Bead Eye Mask

Product Description

Pamper dry, tired, puffy eyes with our therapeutic Warm and Cool Gel Ice Bead Eye Mask. Just 20 minutes of wear and eyes will appear revitalized, renewed and refreshed. Our gel bead eye mask covers the entire eye area, including the eyebrows. It provides comforting relief for puffy, dry, itchy eyes, while reducing redness. This gel bead eye mask will be a spa like experience unlike any other.



• Rejuvenates tired eyes: Helps brighten eye area by improving blood circulation
• Reduces puffiness: Invigorates the skin and
calms inflammation

• Relieves dryness: Brings comfort to dry eyes and helps soothe stys
• Calms sinus area: Helps relieve congestion due to colds and allergies


Can be used cool or warm
• Unique gel bead design molds to the eye area for full coverage and comfort
• Comes with elastic strap to hold mask firmly in place

Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

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Available as Private Label or Rapid Relief product

Size Product Code
One size fits all 17937