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One of the significant barriers to cold therapy treatment is that it requires access to a freezer, which is not always accessible in every scenario. Injuries can happen at any time which is why instant cold packs solve this dilemma. With Rapid Aid’s Fold-to-Pop™ technology, our instant cold packs activate by folding the pack in half for on-the-spot pain relief.  This allows individuals to carry instant cold packs on excursions or pile them on a shelf without worrying about refrigeration. Instant cold relief is just a quick pop away.

Eliminate Refrigeration Needs with Rapid Aid Therapy Products

Instant cold packs are very convenient, especially in places where there is no access to a freezer. They are a cost-effective, versatile, fast-acting product that comes in handy when providing cold therapy to an injury or a swelling.

Rapid Relief® Instant Cold Packs uses FTP™ technology. (Fold-to-pop technology) that helps the user activate the cold pack by folding the product in half. This feature allows retailers and institutions to buy Rapid Aid instant cold packs in bulk and store them without refrigeration. All our products are of trusted quality and are developed with high professionalism acquired through years of experience.

Benefits of Instant Cold Packs

Besides alleviating pain due to injury, there are other benefits of instant cold packs. These include:

  • Easing inflammation after an injury
  • Minimizes the size and appearance of a bruise
  • Help treat muscle stiffness
  • Soothe headaches
  • Lower the risk of infection by keeping the injured area clean
  • Help in workout recovery
  • Help cool the body down after strenuous work
  • Prevents muscle spasms or heat cramps

For better results, apply an instant cold pack on the injury for 20 minutes to help alleviate pain caused by swelling, injuries, and inflammation. Rapid Aid instant cold packs are routinely tested to ensure they work effectively and consistently. We use advanced innovative techniques to ensure all our products are top-quality.

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Why Consider Rapid Aid Instant Cold Pack Options?

Rapid Aid is the leading global manufacturer of instant cold packs for different sectors, including educational institutions, healthcare, retail sectors, and others. Our patented products are designed to suit client’s needs, and here is why we are the most preferred by many instant cold packs suppliers:

Custom Packaging

Rapid Aid offers custom bulk packaging for its products, enabling suppliers, retailers, and companies to place voluminous orders. Large instant cold packs come in 24 units per case, and the small pack comes in cases of 50.


Rapid Aid Instant Cold Packs can be used anywhere and anytime, eliminating the need for a freezer for the cold pack to get ice cold. Our Fold-to-Pop™ technology enables suppliers and other clients to consider cold pack options without worrying about refrigeration.

Multi-purpose Usage

Rapid Aid has developed and manufactured high-performance products extensively used in cold therapy. The instant cold pack has unique features that make it ideal for multi-purpose usage. These products help alleviate pains, ease inflammation, minimize muscle spasms, and other uses.

Private Label Solutions

Rapid Aid offers private-label solutions to medical suppliers and retailers, enabling them to brand products that suit your needs. You get to work directly with a team of professionals from Rapid Aid to ensure your products are customized just the way you want them.


Rapid Aid offers various products, and we continue innovating new ones. Our instant cold pack products include:

  • Instant Cold Pack
  • Instant Cold Packs with Gentle Touch™
  • 3-in-1 Instant Cold wrap
  • Protective Comfort Cold Gel Pack Sleeves
  • Instant Cold Perineal Pad for Pain Relief

Contact Rapid Aid today and learn more about our products and manufacturing capabilities.