Rapid Aid is a leading global manufacturer of instant cold packs in bulk for leading retailers and medical device companies worldwide. Our presence for over 40 years in the market has enabled us to meet the manufacturing, supply and labeling needs of those companies and have a complete portfolio as well as custom portfolio that can meet any demand. These instant cold packs are available at competitive price points and are known for their effectiveness.

Benefits of cold therapy include:

Instant Cold Packs work by using a patented Fold-to-Pop™ technology created by Rapid Aid. All you have to do to activate the coldness is fold it in half until you hear a popping sound and then shake to mix the contents. When used in a regular room temperature setting, it will reach 34℉/1℃ in a few seconds. This makes the packs portable, so they can be carried easily in a bag and used only as needed. Perfect for sports teams, physical therapy, minor medical procedures or just after participating in sports or fitness. They come in both 4” x 6” or 5” x 9” sizes and can even be custom manufactured or branded upon request.

Instant Cold Packs in Bulk

While the main use of using an Instant Cold Pack is to alleviate pain, there are several other benefits such as:

  • Reducing inflammation and muscle spasms
  • Reducing blood flow to an injured area to lessen swelling and bruising
  • Numbing a sore area

Instant Cold Pack products are routinely tested in our facility to ensure that their quality remains consistent. We also emphasize using the latest research and innovative techniques to improve our products, making them often ahead of the competition when it comes to the latest techniques for pain relief.

The company also can provide custom packaging for bulk gel pack cases and individual retail products. The small cold packs are available in bulk in cases of 50. The large cold packs are available in a bulk case of 24 units.

Custom packaging options are available as well based on volume orders. Private labelling services are available for both medical and retail customers. This enables you to brand the solutions based on your needs and may include custom graphic design services, multi-language instructions, or color and foil stamping to make the solution stand out on your retail shelf or online store. The best part is, you will work directly with the manufacturer and our representatives to ensure the products are customized exactly to your liking, rather than getting stuck with a bland design that doesn’t reflect your company brand.

If private labeling is not for you, we have both plain, unbranded packaging as well as our signature Rapid Relief brand, a staple of hot and cold therapy products for over 40 years. Whatever the need, your brand is safe and secure with Rapid Aid.

As mentioned above, when you deal directly with the manufacturer, you can assure stock is always available and can be fulfilled on a moment’s notice. We have manufacturing facilities, centrally located around the world with our facilities in Vietnam, Canada, and China. This enables us to increase shipping and delivery times regardless of where your business is located. This is a major benefit for those who like to buy instant cold packs in large orders and have high demand.

If you’re interested in instant cold packs and any of the related services we provide, contact us today for a quote.