Rapid Aid is a leading global manufacturer of instant cold packs in bulk for leading retailers and medical device companies worldwide. Our presence for over 45 years in the market has enabled us to meet the manufacturing, supply and labeling needs of those companies and have a complete portfolio as well as custom portfolio that can meet any demand. These instant cold packs are available at competitive price points and are known for their effectiveness.

Benefits of cold therapy include:

Instant Cold Packs utilize Rapid Aid’s patented Fold-to-Pop™ technology. To activate the coldness, fold the pack in half until a distinctive popping sound is heard, then shake to mix the contents. Within a few seconds in a standard room temperature setting, the pack reaches 34℉/1℃. This portability allows for convenient carrying in a bag, ensuring on-the-go usage as needed—ideal for sports teams, physical therapy, minor medical procedures, or post-sports or fitness activities. The packs are available in both 4″ x 6″ and 5″ x 9″ sizes, with the option for custom manufacturing or branding upon request.

wholesale instant cold pack

While the primary purpose of instant cold packs is pain alleviation, they offer several additional advantages, including:

  • Reducing inflammation and muscle spasms
  • Minimizing blood flow to an injured area to mitigate swelling and bruising
  • Providing numbness to a sore area

Our Instant Cold Pack products undergo regular testing in our facility to ensure unwavering quality. We prioritize incorporating the latest research and innovative techniques to continually enhance our products, positioning them ahead of the competition in terms of cutting-edge pain relief methods.

We offer custom packaging options for bulk gel pack cases and individual retail products for convenience and flexibility. Small cold packs are available in bulk cases of 50, while large cold packs are offered in bulk cases of 24 units.

Custom packaging solutions are also available for volume orders, providing private labeling services for medical and retail customers. This empowers you to brand the solutions according to your specifications, encompassing custom graphic design services, multi-language instructions, or distinctive features such as color and foil stamping. Working directly with the manufacturer and our representatives ensures the precise customization of products to align with your company brand.

For those who prefer unbranded options, we offer plain packaging as well as our renowned Rapid Relief brand, a trusted name in hot and cold therapy products for over 40 years. Whether opting for private labeling or our established brand, your product branding is secure with Rapid Aid.

Dealing directly with the manufacturer guarantees a consistent stock availability that can be fulfilled at a moment’s notice. With manufacturing facilities strategically located worldwide, including Vietnam, Canada, and China, we can expedite shipping and delivery regardless of your business location. This proves advantageous for those seeking to purchase instant cold packs in substantial quantities with high demand.

For inquiries about instant cold packs and related services, please get in touch with us today for a quote.