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We all get minor injuries from time to time. While painkillers can temporarily numb some discomfort, nothing works better for instant pain relief than ice therapy. From body aches and inflammation to post-workout soreness, minor bumps, and nerve stress associated with the pressures of everyday life, a cool ice pack can help provide comfort and even minimize symptoms. A bead cold pack is a better option with longer-lasting cold, zero mess, and a moldable surface that contours to the body.

Rapid Aid is the name you can trust regarding quality gel bead ice packs. With over 45 years of manufacturing expertise, our hot and cold therapy products are some of the best in the industry. We offer them as a wholesale or retail option, both branded and private label, to be used in diverse environments to facilitate pain management.

Rapid Aid Bead Cold Packs

gel bead ice packThe pack is filled with high-quality gel beads that conform to the body even when frozen, making it easier and more comfortable, unlike conventional ice packs. It’s also freezable for use as a cold compress, providing relief and reducing swelling from bumps, bruises, post-surgery pain, strains, tendonitis, muscle tears & ligament damage caused by sports & outdoor activity. Additionally, it offers natural pain relief for ongoing pain and stiffness when used for hot therapy.

It’s an excellent product for sports teams, coaches, schools or parents to have on-the-go owing to its multiple far-reaching benefits. 

Benefits of Rapid Aid Bead Cold Packs

Increased Relief While Staying Drip-Free

The bead cold pack is your best bet if you are looking for mild yet long-lasting cooling with no drips or spills. Its effects are felt instantly when applied to an injury as the cold therapy slow the inflammatory response, leading to reduced swelling. With its placement over the inflamed or pained areas, the cold temperature will constrict the blood vessels in that region, relieving several ailments.

Our ice packs’ fantastic pain-relieving properties make them an ideal hot/cold therapy option for those involved in intense training, including avid fitness individuals and sports players.

Optimal Comfort and Convenience

Our portable ice packs offer a soft surface with just the right level of coolness to create a comfortable and effective level of care for users. Each pack features a plush cloth backing for ultimate comfort, eliminating the need for a barrier towel. It also offer two temperature zones where the plush backing can be used for mild therapy relief, the clear side can be applied to the affected area and used as a more effective relief.

Designed to Fit Body Contours Perfectly

It can be challenging to place an ice pack on the exact injury as most tend to be incredibly stiff. Our bead cold pack easily molds to the shape of the surface you put it on, providing targeted soothing relief to the affected body part.

Why Should Your Partner With Rapid Aid?

Rapid Aid is a global manufacturer and expert in customer-centric hot and cold therapy solutions designed with the latest innovation capabilities. Furthermore, we’re committed to quality control, guaranteeing that our products surpass third-party audit requirements consistently. Our patented, proprietary products are trusted by doctors, physical therapists, sports trainers, and chiropractors. 

Working with us also offers the tremendous opportunity to expand your brand through our private labeling program, giving companies a cost-effective and innovative way to create a unique offering for their customers.

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Rapid Aid – Your Premier Source for High-Quality Wholesale Hot/Cold Products

Choose from an industry-leading selection of the most durable and long-lasting bead cold packs on the market. Besides our quality products, we strive to meet your hot and cold therapy needs with unparalleled customer service. Provide the relief your customers need with these valuable and innovative products from Rapid Aid. Contact us today to learn more about our complete hot/cold therapy product line.