Product Description

Our 2-in-1 Instant Cold Peri-Pad delivers cold relief to help ease pain and reduce swelling in the perineal area. Commonly used to soothe soreness after labour or surgery, our pad can also be used for pain caused by hemorrhoids, vasectomies and any other general pain in the area. Soft top layer can be applied directly to perineal area to provide maximum cold comfort when needed most.



  • Reduces swelling & bruising: Helps soothe pain by reducing blood flow to the area
  • Numbs the sore area: Works effectively to reduce pain
  • Easy activation with FTP™ (Fold-to-Pop) technology
  • Direct-to-skin application
  • Delivers approximately 4.4°C/40°F of cold therapy when activated at room temperature
  • Has an extra absorbent pad with a long front-to-back area for added coverage and an adhesive strip to keep it firmly in place
  • Comes in different sizes and absorbencies
Safety Data Sheet (SDS) - Calcium Ammonium Nitrate (CAN)

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Available as Rapid Relief brand
Available as Private Label product

Size Product Code
5″ x 15″ (13cm x 38cm) 91640

Looking for a different size? Please contact us, we have a variety of sizes and packaging options to meet your needs