Clay Wrap

Product Description

Our Clay Wrap uses all-natural clay to deliver comforting hot and cold therapy relief, wherever it’s needed most. Made with our soft deluxe fabric the wrap is designed for direct-to-skin use, encouraging relaxation, relieving discomfort and soothing soreness.


COLD THERAPY – For immediate injury treatment

  • Relieves aches & pains: Reduces inflammation and muscle spasms
  • Reduces swelling & bruising: Helps soothe pain by reducing blood flow to the area
  • Numbs the sore area: Works effectively to reduce pain


HOT THERAPY – For ongoing pain and stiffness

  • Soothes stiff joints: Improves flexibility and helps improve mobility
  • Eases muscle aches: Adds comfort to muscles and calms soreness
  • Made with all-natural clay
  • Soft deluxe fabric can be applied directly to skin (no need for a cover or towel)
  • Comes with one or two straps to hold wrap firmly in place
  • Maintains flexibility and form when hot or cold
  • Available in two sizes:
    • Small (includes 1 strap) for areas such as the knee or wrist
    • Large (includes 2 straps) for areas such as the back or shoulders

Available as Private Label product only

Sizes Dimensions Product Code
Small with 1 strap 11.8″ x 5.9″ (30cm x 15cm) N/A – Please contact us
Large with 2 straps 16.4″ x 9.3″ (41.6cm x 23.7cm) N/A – Please contact us

Looking for a different size? Please contact us, we have a variety of sizes and packaging options to meet your needs