Rapid Aid is a leader in private label and branded wholesale gel packs.

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Unlike typical ice that requires freezing and refrigeration and melts everywhere, Rapid Aid instant cold packs are specially manufactured to get cold when folded in half to produce instant cold therapy for pain relief. They are ideal for quick relief and comfort, especially after an injury, making them must-have first-aid equipment.

Rapid Aid leads the market in manufacturing medical hot and cold therapy products. We offer the best quality and do even better at meeting demand for our products from our wholesale and retail partners. We also take pride in offering private label and branded gel packs to different organizations and institutions.

Rapid Aid Instant Cold Packs

Rapid Aid Cold packs are exceptional gel packs with on-the-spot abilities to relieve pain. Cold therapy, also known as Cryotherapy, remains one of the common go-to remedies. It reduces blood flow to the painful area, thus discouraging inflammation and swelling, consequently reducing pain. It remains one of the quickest and most natural ways to remedy daily injuries for adults and children.

Rapid Aid instant cold packs work the same but faster than most ice packs offering fast and efficient relief in seconds. 

Our products feature a good selection of cold packs for different applications. Rapid Aid instant cold packs are reliable for various injuries, including acute aches, severe swelling, and bruising. 

They include:

  • Instant Cold Packs- economical pack for on-the-spot cold therapy.
  • Instant Cold Packs with GentleTouch- for direct-skin application, featuring a soft, non-woven material, thus efficient for on-the-spot cold therapy.
  • 3-IN-1 Instant wraps- convenient compression band that also works as a skin barrier and instant cold pack.
  • Protective Comfort Cold Gel Pack Sleeves- disposable sleeves made with soft, non-woven fabric that hold gel packs firmly in place.
  • Instant Cold Perineal Pad for Pain Relief- used to relieve pain in perennial areas and soothe pain caused by labour, surgery, hemorrhoids, etc.

Benefits of Rapid Aid Instant Cold Packs

There is plenty of reasons why our customers remain loyal to our products. Rapid Aid does not compromise on quality. While at it, we take advantage of new technology to create innovative solutions for our partners and their customers. Here are some benefits of our products;

Instant Cold Packs that skip the freezer.

Cold therapy often requires the need of a freezer on standby. However, this is not usually a reasonable option, especially for clients that are often on the move, like sports teams. Our range of instant cold packs remedies these situations thanks to our unique Fold-to-Pop technology. It works conveniently and efficiently as the client can easily reactivate the product by folding it in half, eliminating the need for refrigeration.

On-the-spot Treatment with Fold-to-Pop™ Technology

While in pain, all one wants are to get rid of the discomfort as fast as possible. This becomes difficult to deal with if you are not prepared with ice or a cold pack chilling in the freezer. With Rapid Aid instant cold packs, you do not have to worry about what’s in your freezer. Our products are designed with Fold-to-Pop™ Technology which allows the user to simply fold the product in half and pop the inner bag to activate the pack. All that’s left to do is to apply the pack to the affected area and enjoy the relief the pack brings.

Direct-To-Skin Application With Rapid Aid’s GentleTouch™ Technology

As part of our instant cold pack offering, we have developed GentleTouch™ Technology which features a non-woven material for the safe and gentle application of the cold pack directly to the user’s skin. Unlike other cold packs, our innovative solution eliminates the need for placement barriers between the ice pack and the skin.

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Why Rapid Aid

Rapid Aid continues to merge experience with innovation to create progressive solutions in cold and hot therapy. Our products and technology are patented and trademarked; thus, you can be sure that your clients only have access to high-quality.

Additionally, being a global manufacturer puts us on the map. We live up to it by building a robust supply chain network in observance of quality and regulatory compliance. Reach out to us to learn more about our services and become a Rapid Aid Instant ice pack product supplier.

Rapid Aid-Your Trusted Source for Quality Products

We offer private labeling for all our products. This means you can put your brand on our products, making them unique to your organization.

If you’re looking to stock up on high-quality ice packs, Rapid Aid has a great selection that will suit your needs. Over the years, we’ve supplied countless schools, athletic departments, and medical facilities with our full array of Rapid Aid Products. We have everything you need to relieve any injury, from instant cold and hot packs to reusable hot and cold gel compresses.

For more information about our products or to place an order, please visit our website or contact us today!