With thousands of schools across Canada and the United States returning to in-person learning this month, there are bound to be some playground bumps and sports injuries along the way. That’s where the full array of Rapid Aid products come in: Wholesale instant cold packs, instant warm packs, and reusable hot and cold gel compresses all help keep users comfortable and pain-free as they recover from an injury or growing pains.

With Kids Around, Accidents Are Inevitable

With Kids Around, Accidents Are InevitableWhile we offer over 400 SKU’s for all types of organizations, from medical supply companies to pharmaceutical manufacturers and retail giants worldwide, we find that primary schools, universities, and daycare centers trust us to deliver for their students.

Our most popular products are our reusable gel packs and our instant packs. Both are available in hot and cold options. Our instant packs are especially well suited for educational or sports settings as they can be easily stored and activated at the time of need for instant relief of bruises, bumps, or scrapes. Both product types are also available with an antimicrobial coating which prevents the spread of bacteria from one user to the next. These convenient products are a mainstay for teachers, coaches, and parents, not just for use at the nurses’ office.

When a sudden injury is sustained, such as a bump to the elbow or knee on the football field, it is imperative to apply cold therapy immediately to the affected area to reduce swelling and pain. Cryotherapy (cold therapy) works by constricting the blood vessels to prevent further inflammation of the area. Alternatively, if a student pulls a muscle while running track, heat therapy can be applied immediately. The heat will boost circulation and blood flow to the area, returning oxygen and nutrients to the joint or muscle, providing near-immediate relief. If you are ever unsure what type of heat therapy to apply, check out this easy-to-read infographic we created.

In addition to face masks and hand sanitizers, Rapid Aid products will be in high demand as students return to the classroom. With over 130,000 schools in the United States and nearly 5.7 million students in Canada, these products are sure to be needed in schools across the globe.

The collection of products include:

  • Instant cold, hot and warm packs
  • Reusable gel hot and cold compresses
  • A variety of both hot and cold wraps
  • Oat bags for hot and cold therapeutic use

Private Labeling Experts

For decades, Rapid Aid has worked closely with the most prominent medical, pharmaceutical and retail companies worldwide, continually surpassing their expectations in developing products for their customers. Whether you want to bring on a core set of cold and hot therapy products or expand your existing line with the latest innovations from our testing and development labs, we are ready and eager to work with you on all your private label needs. Your powerful brand needs global access to manufacturing, labor, and supplies, and that’s exactly what we offer our customers.

Keeping a close eye on consumer trends across the industry, Rapid Aid is ready to help you strategically and competitively develop your business. We are a global manufacturer with headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Canada, China, and Vietnam — all wholly Canadian-owned, ensuring the highest standards for every product made.

We’ve been doing this for nearly half a century. Hence, we are confident that we have the expertise to minimize risks to your supply chain and control production costs, allowing you to get your products to market faster than your competitors.

Are Your Volumes Too Low For Private Labeling? We’ve Got You Covered!

Rapid Relief is our in-house branded solution for your channels if you want to carry hot and cold therapy products but don’t have the volume to run a private label. Our strong reputation for quality and affordability has made us one of the leading hot and cold solutions providers worldwide.

School Is In Session, Call Us Today!

With school back in session, we would love to work with you to develop a product line for your company’s needs and business goals. We offer an array of different products that can get you started on your way to a safer and more comfortable school year to keep peace of mind for parents and teachers.

Visit our website to learn more about our wholesale instant cold packs and other hot and cold therapy products. Request a quote from one of our customer service representatives today.