Rapid Aid Debunks Top 10 Hot & Cold Therapy Myths

It’s okay  to leave cold or hot therapy products on skin longer than 20 minutes.

Myth 1

Myth 2

Hot & cold therapy is only useful for injuries.

Myth 3

You can’t use an ice pack for a headache. It’ll make it worse

Myth 4

Never use hot and cold therapy on animals

Myth 5

It’s okay to apply ice to your bare skin.

Myth 6

Ice packs are safe to use on open wounds.

Myth 7

It’s okay to use hot & cold therapy for childrens.

Myth 8

Instant cold packs or hot packs are safe to refreeze.

Myth 9

Using an ice pack for a concussion won’t help.

Myth 10

You should use only ice or only heat on an injury, not both.

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