How Cold Gel Slippers Can Lessen the Effects of Chemotherapy?

Cancer drugs used to fight chemotherapy can cause nerve damage side effect. Studies suggest that cold wraps on the hands and feet may help prevent these debilitating symptoms. Know here side effects of chemo, what cold therapy is and how it can alleviate some impacts of chemotherapy treatment.

Side Effects of Chemotherapy

> Side effects of chemo is peripheral neuropathy, caused by nerve damage in the extremities. > Chemotherapy also damages healthy tissues as these drugs travel to healthy tissue throughout the body.

Is There A Way To Lessen The Side Effects of Chemo?

> Cold therapy has been proven to block the full impact of chemotherapy by constricting blood vessels. > Cold therapy help to reduce the exposure of healthy tissues to chemo drugs. >Cooling therapy uses caps, slippers, and gloves to expose the feet, hands, and scalp to cold temperatures

Cold Gel Slippers Can Provide Relief During Chemotherapy  

> Cold gel slippers can soothe tired feet, but they can also provide comfort to tissues and nerves during chemotherapy.

> Cold Gel slippers reduce bruising and swelling and even help prevent or reduce pain.

> When you put on cold slippers, they shed heat, cooling your feet down and helping regulate the temperature in your tissues, nerves, and blood vessels..

> Cold gel slippers are multi-layered, meaning they are soft on the outside and firm on the inside, providing exceptional comfort during cancer treatments.