Rapid Aid is a leader in private label and branded wholesale gel packs.

When providing rapid and effective cooling treatment for acute injuries and sustained pain relief, look no further than Rapid Aid’s custom cold packs. As one of North America’s most seasoned suppliers of cold therapy products, with over 45 years of expertise, we specialize in manufacturing a diverse range of private-labeled or branded custom cold packs. Our cold packs, tailored for cold therapy, deliver swift relief for acute and pain-related injuries. Here’s why Rapid Aid’s offerings can ensure your customers or patients find the comfort and relief they seek.

Benefits of Private Gel Pack Solutions with Raid Aid

Custom cold packs serve a versatile purpose and are suitable for addressing the following conditions:

Custom cold packs serve a versatile purpose and are suitable for addressing the following conditions:

  • Sprains
  • Strains
  • Torn muscles
  • Post-workout recovery
  • Recent injuries

The immediate application of an ice pack to an acute injury for 20 minutes can yield several benefits, including the reduction of bruising, inflammation, swelling, and pain relief. Cold therapy operates by constricting blood vessels, which, in turn, inhibits pain signals from reaching the brain. Additionally, it helps reduce muscle spasms and enhances cellular metabolism, potentially preventing cell damage.

The effectiveness of custom cold packs has made them increasingly popular among athletes for treating sports injuries, whether acute (sudden onset), chronic, or long-term. Cold therapy is particularly advantageous when applied shortly after the emergence of acute inflammation. This makes Rapid Aid’s Ice Packs a valuable asset for a wide range of individuals seeking relief.

While these cold packs can benefit many, their suitability varies from person to person. It is strongly recommended that individuals, especially those with conditions such as deep vein thrombosis, peripheral vascular disease, open wounds, circulatory issues, or diabetes, consult with a medical professional before use to ensure their safety and effectiveness.

Why You Should Consider Stocking Our Range of Cold Packs

The advantages of cold therapy are evident, and our instant cold and reusable gel packs provide a cost-effective solution for your customers and patients to experience pain relief and reduce inflammation following an injury. Our wholesale selection of cold packs includes:

Reusable Cold Gel Compresses: A budget-friendly essential for every medicine cabinet, ideal for treating bumps and bruises.

Premium Reusable Cold Gel Compresses: Designed for direct skin application, our premium cold gel compress boasts our patent-pending triple-layer premium fabric, combining durability with a gentle touch.

Universal Reusable Hot & Cold Gel Wrap: Versatile and suitable for addressing general aches, menstrual discomfort, and sports injuries. It features self-adhering velcro straps for a hands-free application.

Instant Cold Packs: Instant cold packs offer remarkable convenience, particularly in locations with limited access to a freezer. They present a cost-effective, versatile, and fast-acting solution that proves invaluable for delivering cold therapy to injuries or reducing swelling.

Gel Bead Packs: A recent innovation, these gel bead packs feature a soft premium cloth fabric on one side, prioritizing comfort and ease of use.

Gel Packs for Joint Pain: Our commitment to innovation has led to products tailored to cover hard-to-reach body areas. This includes a multi-use joint pain pack for application to joints such as knees, wrists, and elbows. We’ve also introduced a foot pain pack designed for the ball of the foot or ankle and a finger injury cold wrap for targeted relief.

Cold Gel Slippers: Specifically engineered to soothe tired and aching feet, offering a cooling comfort experience, particularly beneficial after a long day of standing or wearing uncomfortable footwear. Rapid Aid’s cold gel slippers also serve patients experiencing neuropathy due to chemotherapy.

Our wholesale custom cold packs offer an affordable means for patients and customers to apply cold therapy to manage injuries. You have the flexibility to purchase our products in any quantity, and they are suitable for retail and medical environments, making them an excellent addition to support pain management.

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Why Choose Rapid Aid as Your Partner?

Rapid Aid stands as a testament to top-tier product quality, meticulously designed to cater to the diverse needs of our customers. Companies seeking custom design or manufacturing solutions turn to us, recognizing our leadership in the industry serving clients globally. Our product lineup is patented and proprietary and consistently exceeds the stringent requirements imposed by third-party audits.

Global Reach

Thanks to our global manufacturing facilities, Rapid Aid can swiftly and effectively address the needs of our customers on a worldwide scale. Our headquarters in Mississauga, ON, houses a manufacturing facility capable of responding promptly to domestic orders. Additionally, we maintain two wholly-owned manufacturing facilities in China and Vietnam, further extending our global reach.

Commitment to Quality Control

As a Tier I Quality and Regulatory Compliance provider, we stand unwavering in our commitment to ensuring the safety and quality of our products. Our dedication to quality control consistently surpasses the criteria set by third-party audits. We regularly conduct quality and social audits to meet the specific requirements of our valued customers within the retail and medical industries.

Our international presence enables us to ensure that Rapid Aid’s products comply with quality and safety standards worldwide. Every product bearing our name, or yours, meets the regulatory standards of the countries in which we operate.

Brand Options

Rapid Aid offers an array of brand options to align with your unique needs:

Private Label Solutions: Collaborate with us to expand your existing private label product line with the latest innovations from our cutting-edge labs. From design to delivery, we work closely with you, aiming to competitively and strategically advance your business.

Rapid Relief Brand: We extend our in-house brand, Rapid Relief, to customers, allowing us to incorporate our products as valuable extensions of your offerings. We provide comprehensive support, covering in-house testing, research and development, and quality management. This partnership guarantees a top-quality product you’ll proudly showcase and sell.

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Your search for reliable custom cold packs ends here! Rapid Aid has been a trusted provider of effective cold therapy products for medical and retail suppliers for nearly five decades. 

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