This School Year, Be Prepared for Any Possible Bumps and Bruises

By September 29, 2022cold pack
This School Year, Be Prepared for Any Possible Bumps and Bruises

As we are at the peak of yet another bustling school year, from bumps and bruises and scrapes, it’s important to ensure that you’re prepared for anything that might come your way. 

That’s why having a few instant cold packs on hand is always a good idea – you never know when your students (or yourself!) might need them. There are 49.5 million students in the US and 5.7 million students in grades K-12. That can be a lot of bumps and bruises to heal. As medical device suppliers, we understand the need to have plenty of instant cold packs on hand in case of accidental injuries. 

Rapid Aid is the name you can trust when it comes to instant cold packs. We’ve been manufacturing hot and cold therapy products for over 45 years, and our instant cold packs are some of the best in the industry. Here’s why you should consider stocking up on our wholesale instant cold packs for your school this year:

Perfect for pain relief: Using an ice pack or cold compress on a painful area can help numb pain in the region. Usually, when an injury occurs, the body’s natural response is to release chemicals (bradykinin, serotonin, and histamine) that cause pain. Ice packs help to slow down this process, which in turn, can help reduce pain.

Ease swelling: Ice packs help ease inflammation after an injury. When applied to a swollen region, the ice constricts blood vessels and decreases the amount of fluid that enters the area. This, in turn, helps reduce swelling and speed up the healing process.

Minimize the size of the bruise: Applying an ice pack or cold compress immediately after impact can also help minimize the size and appearance of a bruise. It achieves that by slowing down the amount of blood that rushes to the area, which helps reduce the blood that leaks into the surrounding tissues.

Treat muscle stiffness: Students constantly use their muscles to write, sit on a desk, and move around. This can often lead to stiffness in the muscles, leading to pain. Ice packs can help reduce stiffness in the body, especially when used soon after an injury has occurred.

Reduce the risk of infection: Applying an ice pack to an injured area can also help lower the risk of infection. This is because the cold temperature helps slow down the body’s natural inflammatory response and keep the site clean, which can lead to infection if not properly treated.

Soothe headaches: Headaches are a common complaint among most students (and adults!). Pearl gel eye mask can help to soothe headaches by constricting the blood vessels and reducing inflammation in the head.

Cool down after strenuous activity: Physical education class, recess, and after-school sports are great ways for kids to exercise. However, these activities can also lead to overheating. Applying an ice pack to the neck, chest, or back can help cool the body down and prevent heat exhaustion.

Prevent heat cramps: Heat cramps are muscle spasms that can occur when the body overheats. They’re often caused by dehydration and electrolyte imbalances. Ice packs can help to prevent heat cramps by cooling the muscles and helping to maintain hydration levels.

Alleviate pain from sunburn: Unfortunately, students can sometimes get sunburned, even when they’re wearing sunscreen. Applying an ice pack to the affected area can help to soothe the pain and reduce inflammation.

Rapid Aid-Your Trusted Source for Quality Ice Packs

We offer private labeling for all our products. This means you can put your brand on our products, making them unique to your organization.

If you’re looking to stock up on high-quality ice packs, Rapid Aid has a great selection that will suit your needs. Over the years, we’ve supplied countless schools, athletic departments, and medical facilities with our full array of Rapid Aid Products. We have everything you need to relieve any injury, from wholesale instant cold packs, reusable hot and cold gel compresses and instant warm packs.

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