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Netflix’ popular series, Cobra Kai, features a Rapid Aid product during the state championship match

By March 19, 2021News and Events

Netflix’s smash hit, Cobra Kai, is a continuation of the popular 1980’s Karate Kid series. Decades after their 1984 All Valley Karate Tournament bout, a middle-aged Daniel LaRusso, and Johnny Lawrence find themselves martial-arts rivals again. Rapid Aid’s in-house branded product, the Rapid Relief Instant Cold Pack, can be seen given to bad guy Johnny Keene’s son, Robby, by an EMS paramedic after Robby’s shoulder is dislocated during the state championship.  After icing his injury with the cold pack, Robby feels good enough to get back on the mat and continue to fight.

Photo courtesy of www.netflix.com

Rapid Relief Instant Cold Packs are a great economical choice for on-the-spot cold therapy.  They work to reduce swelling and provide instant comfort after an injury immediately. Simple to use – all you do fold the product in half until you hear the inner bag pop, shake contents, and apply to the affected area. These packs are more convenient than ice as they are easy to use and very portable and can use them anywhere, anytime.

If you suffer an injury such as a shoulder dislocation like Johnny did, or break a bone, always seek medical attention immediately. Applying a cold pack to the injured area as quickly as possible is also recommended to help reduce swelling and further injury. The cold will help to restrict the blood flow to the area while numbing the pain. Once a doctor has seen your injury, you can alternate between hot and cold therapy for the best results. The cold treatment will help alleviate the pain, while the hot therapy will provide much-needed comfort (Keep in mind that you should never apply hot or cold therapy for more than 20 minutes at a time).

Rapid Relief’s instant product line also includes instant hot and instant warm packs. These products are great to use when you want instant relief to soothe sore muscles and ease joint pain. They are a great product to have on hand in your home and suitable for schools, sports, dojo’s, fitness gyms, and urgent healthcare facilities.

You can watch the rest of the Cobra Kai Dojo saga on Netflix as the story of the Miyagi-Verse continues.