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At some point in most people’s lives, they have experienced a pulled or pinched nerve or general, achy discomfort. One of the safest and most effective remedies to this discomfort is applying a heating pad or heat therapy to the affected area. Heat therapy works by repairing the damaged tissue and muscles while relieving inflammation to the affected area, allowing the user to quickly reduce their pain and discomfort. As instant hot pack suppliers, you likely understand the value of applying heat to those affected areas and how much relief your customers and patients experience.

Rapid Aid is the oldest supplier of heat therapy products in North America. We have over 45 years of experience manufacturing over 400 innovative hot and cold therapy products. We are experts in private labeling and our own branded products and pride ourselves on our high-quality compliance and commitment to producing only the best products on the market. We manufacture several instant hot therapy products that provide immediate and effective relief of chronic pain and other related injuries when it comes to heat therapy.

When To Use Instant Hot Therapy Products

The therapy type needed depends on each person and the type of injury or ailment. Heat therapy is best used for:

Torn muscles

Pulled muscles


Joint pain

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Back pain

pinched nerves (1)

Pinched nerves

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Fresh injuries

Other chronic musculoskeletal injuries

Applying instant hot packs for 15-20 minutes will provide excellent relief to affected areas of the body. It’s an inexpensive, proven, and safe alternative to medication that provides users with almost immediate results and comfort.

Hot therapy packs assist in the healing process by boosting circulation and blood flow. Heat therapy helps with sore or tight muscles by increasing blood flow. The heat from the pack allows muscles to relax due to an increase in circulation wherever they are applied. This allows oxygen and nutrients to refuel joints and muscles, providing relief of inflammation while repairing damaged tissues.

We always recommend seeking medical advice or care if the injury or pain persists or the user experiences prolonged discomfort. Individuals who have diabetes or circulatory issues should consult their doctor before using any type of cold or heat therapy.

Why Instant Hot Pack Suppliers Stock Rapid Aid Products

Rapid Aid has several types of instant hot packs used to relieve chronic pain. As noted above, wholesale heat therapy products like hot packs and warm gel packs are inexpensive for customers and patients to reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation after sustaining an injury or managing a chronic condition. Rapid Aid supplies the following products that aid in heat therapy:

  • Instant Hot Packs: These products increase blood flow, improve flexibility and mobility, and ease aches and pains.
  • Instant Warm Gel Packs: These provide soothing warmth with a contouring gel that can be molded to any area needing comfort.
  • Instant Warm Perennial Compress: This product is convenient and effective in reducing perineal pain before and post-childbirth.

Our products are stocked by the leading retail and medical distribution companies in the world to treat millions of bumps, bruises, and ailments. Our line of instant hot and warm packs help manage pain in individuals in retail and medical settings are available in any quantity.

Why Work With Rapid Aid?

Rapid Aid is the leading global manufacturer and, for over 45 years, has patented proprietary products designed specifically to meet the needs of the retail and medical markets. We can custom design and manufacture private label products for companies looking to extend their product line or brand. We are highly committed to our products’ quality and guarantee that they are of the highest quality and surpass third-party organizations’ audit requirements.

Manufacturing Excellence

Rapid Aid can deliver products quickly to any of our customers worldwide. This efficiency is thanks to our manufacturing facility in Mississauga, ON, Canada, and our two wholly-owned facilities in China and Vietnam. We have a proven rapid response system for product orders, whether foreign or domestic. Regardless of where you are located, our global reach means supply chain limitations will not affect us getting our product to you.

High Quality and Compliance Standards

Rapid Aid is a Tier I Quality and Regulatory Compliance manufacturer. This allows us to assure our products’ safety and quality. We also meet and surpass any third-party audit requirements. Because we regularly conduct quality and social audits, our customers from retail markets and the medical fields can expect maximum quality control. We can also meet compliance with quality and safety standards everywhere in the world. Here are some of the licenses and certifications we hold:

Innovation – Over 30 proprietary patents and 400+ unique products

No other hot and cold therapy manufacturer is entirely product-focused on the hot and cold market, which has resulted in numerous innovative temperature-related solutions on the market. We design our products to be safe for use by most people while working effectively, and we offer leakproof and latex-free solutions.

Private or Rapid Relief Brand Options

We offer private label solutions to our customers who have their line of products. We also provide our well-known Rapid Relief branded solution to extend your own product offering. Wholesale options are also available to help you reduce costs and provide years of customer satisfaction with a stable supply chain. Since we offer R&D, in-house testing, quality management, you can rest assured we stand by the quality of products.

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In Need of Heat Therapy Solutions for your company?

Rapid Aid products are stocked by leading retail and medical distribution companies worldwide to treat millions of injuries and ailments each year.

Contact Rapid Aid to learn more about our products or how you can become an instant hot pack supplier to your customers at 1-800-COLD-HOT.