Rapid Aid is a leader in private label and branded maternity instant and reusable therapy products

Rapid Aid stands out from other instant cold pack supplier because of our long-standing history as one of the leading instant cold/hot pack manufacturers worldwide. We have nearly half a century’s worth of experience in building a business that focuses on providing companies with the highest quality hot and cold therapy products. Since we have stayed true to our mission for the last five decades, we have become a household name for instant cold pack products that families, medical professionals, and retailers can trust.

Why Instant Cold Packs versus standard ice cold packs?

Traditional ice packs can get too cold or may not stay cold long enough, and they also may not be as flexible as you would like. With instant cold packs, you get more versatility and options, which helps your patients or customers feel more comfortable. The main difference in this type  of cold pack is that instant cold packs are made for:

Portability: Delivering instant cold relief where and when needed, in the event of an injury

Ease of use: With Rapid Aid’s proprietary Fold-to-Pop™ Technology, cold pain relief is just a “fold” and “pop” away for easy and fast activation. No refrigeration is needed.

Instant cold packs can be used for minor injuries, sprains, strains, workout recovery, torn muscles, joint aches, and much more safely and effectively than other pain relief solutions. These cool packs can also help relieve bruising, inflammation, swelling, and pain.

instant ice packs are designed to deliver cold at a temperature of approximately 1°C/34°F and come in various styles and sizes, so they’re perfect for any injury, from large muscle aches to finger joint pain and everything in between.

Rapid Aid instant cold packs deliver the right temperature to the right place every time.

Ice pack product portfolio and support services

instant cold pack manufacturerRapid Aid is one of the leading instant cold pack manufacturer and supplier in North America for a reason. We have been supporting retailers, medical distributors, hospital chains, and online retailers for over 45 years, and over that time, we have perfected our design and manufacturing process to create high-quality products to provide the best for your customers and patients.

If you are looking to provide pain and injury relief to your patients or you’re looking to sell a product to your customers, Rapid Aid is a Class 1 medical device manufacturer and is registered with both the FDA and Health Canada.

Companies can also select between our Rapid Relief brand or your own white-labeled custom private brand that extends your brand with the same high-quality product you expect.

Great for Direct-to-Consumer and Medical Support

If you want to expand your company line of medical products for sale direct-to-consumer, these instant cold packs make a great option. They provide support and care for your customers that is easy to use and take along wherever they go.

Trust that you’re getting the best for your customers and patients by working with the leading instant cold pack manufacturer and supplier in North America. Call us today to find out how we can help you offer your customers or patients the products they need for natural and effective pain relief.