Infant Heel Warmer

Product Description

Our single use infant heel warmers are designed to provide the right amount of warmth to increase blood circulation in an infant heel during blood sampling. Made with our patented Insta-Gel technology, our heel warmers provide even heat distribution and consistent warming to help caregivers obtain a quality heel stick the first time.

  • Effective: Conforms to infant’s foot shape, keeping warmth where needed
  • Safe: Made with non-toxic food grade gel and boasts uniform heat distribution
  • Reliable: Heel warmer will not exceed 40.5°C/105°F and gradually decreases temperature over time
  • Comes in two easy activation methods:
    – Disk-activated
    – FTP™ (Fold-to-Pop) Technology
  • Delivers approximately 39.5°C/103°F of warm therapy when activated at room temperature
  • Repositionable adhesive strip holds warmer in place
Safety Data Sheet (SDS) - Sodium Acetate (SA)

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Available as Rapid Relief brand
Available as Private Label product

Size Product Code
3.75″ x 5.5″ (9.5cm x 14cm) 94235

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