Rapid Aid is a leading global ice pack supplier, manufacturing high-quality hot and cold therapy products since 1975. Our ice packs immediately relieve bumps, bruises, and injuries to millions of people and continue to innovate beyond the standard ice packs used for headaches 50 years ago.

Owned in North America with Manufacturing Worldwide

Rapid Aid is headquartered in Canada with wholly-owned manufacturing facilities in Mississauga (Canada), China, and Vietnam. This means we oversee every step of the process, ensuring our high standards are met at every stage of the supply chain. Rapid Aid is a global leader because of its credibility, high-quality compliance standards, and large-scale manufacturing capabilities.

The Benefits Of Being A Global Ice Pack Supplier With Manufacturing Capabilities

Since Rapid Aid owns all our facilities, we control the entire process from order to delivery, minimizing risks to the supply chain. Rapid Aid is the only global manufacturer solely focused on designing, developing, and manufacturing hot and cold solutions.

This expertise and location-based manufacturing capability allow customers to benefit from lower shipping and labor costs, minimizing tariffs and enabling faster delivery times while meeting top-quality standards.

Like Our Products, Our Customers Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Our customers range from small retail shops to Fortune 500 retail, medical and pharmaceutical companies. They include hospitals, school boards, big-box retail stores, national pharmacy chains, and medical supply companies. Many of our customers have trusted us to provide quality products for several decades due to our ability to provide on-time deliveries and innovative and customized product solutions for all their customer’s needs. Even with global supply chain problems, our access to worldwide sourcing and in-house stock enables us to provide products even when others cannot.

Leaders in Innovation

Suppliers of ice packs often adhere to older, more cost-effective technologies that prioritize affordability in manufacturing. While this approach reduces expenses, it often compromises comfort in favor of a lower price point. Through our dedicated testing labs, we’ve engineered practical products that not only meet specialized needs but also manage to reduce costs. A key consideration in our product development is recognizing that different body areas require tailored solutions. For instance, a large gel pack for the back may not be suitable for migraines or pregnancy pain. In contrast, smaller and gentler options are preferable, especially for sensitive areas like the face. We’ve introduced Gentle-Touch™ and premium, Direct-to-Skin fabrics, specifically designed for specific body regions, to address this.

Our commitment to innovation extends to creating products specifically catered to sports injuries, developed in collaboration with physical therapists and medical professionals. Recognizing that injuries can occur at any point during a practice or game, where immediate access to a frozen ice pack might not be possible, we introduced Fold-to-Pop Technology™. This innovation lets the ice pack activate instantly when folded in two, providing immediate cold relief without refrigeration.

Our ongoing evolution is driven by the feedback and needs of both retail and medical customers, resulting in various patented technologies, including:

  • Non-Flow Contour-Gel Technology™
  • Gentle-Touch™ and Premium, Direct-to-Skin fabrics
  • Built-in compression wraps

We hold dozens of patents for the design and function of our products. Our product range covers nearly every body part and provides pain relief in many formats. Here are some of the products we manufacture:Hot and Cold Bead Therapy

The list doesn’t end here – we have created over 400 unique products for our customers and are continually evolving and innovating with the market’s needs. As a leading hot and cold pack supplier, we can also offer these innovations to you.

Your Brand, Our Expertise

Rapid Aid collaborates with major big-box retailers, medical device suppliers, and national pharmacy chains across North America and internationally to offer private-labeled products. Our esteemed national clients boast influential brands that demand worldwide access to manufacturers, labor, and resources for developing private-label items. By partnering with us, you can harness our extensive global manufacturing capabilities to oversee the production of your products, guarantee adherence to quality standards, manage production costs, and mitigate risks to the supply chain.

Our Commitment to Quality

Rapid Aid stands behind every product we make. Our commitment to quality and compliance is unwavering. We adhere to all international health and safety guidelines. Below is a list of some of our certifications;

  • Class 1 FDA-registered medical device manufacturer – Health Canada licensed
  • All products are Ammonium-Nitrate free (Urea and Urea blend)and comply with the Government of Canada Restricted Components Regulations (“RCR”)
  • Class 1 and 2 a CE marked product lines
  • ISO 13485 certified
  • Site license for natural health products
  • European Authorized Representative in the UK and MHRA Registered

In-House Brand Solution

Many smaller businesses do not have the volumes to run private labeling, so we offer our in-house brand, Rapid Relief. The Rapid Relief brand contains dozens of high-quality products in many shapes and sizes uniquely designed for every body part.

We Are Just A Click or Call Away

Rapid Aid has long been one of the leading ice pack suppliers with global manufacturing capabilities, innovative products, and flexible private label or in-house solutions. We offer hundreds of product possibilities to suit almost every injury, comfort, or first-aid need. Please contact us today to learn more about our products and manufacturing capabilities. To initiate a quote for our in-house solution or private-label products, please contact us today!