While hundreds of companies have products on the market, Rapid Aid stands out from the others because of its long-standing history as one of the leading manufacturers for instant hot and cold packs. Established in 1975, they have built a business that focuses on providing small and large companies with the highest quality products possible. Because they have stayed true to their mission for the past four decades, they have become a household name for cold pack products that families trust to relieve pain instantly.

An ice pack company with the product line you need

Among over 400 products available, their Instant Hot and Cold packs are by far the most popular. With our patented Fold-to-Pop™ technology, pain relief comes within seconds. The instant technology is available in different levels of pain relief, including gentle touch and comfort styles. They are also available for different areas where pain could occur and in various sizes. Some of their other well-known products are:

  • Reusable gel technology including protective comfort sleeves; compresses that come in standard, deluxe, and premium options; wraps for different parts of the body; joint braces; and eye masks.
  • Wellness and comfort products like their hot and cold gel slippers, therapy oat bags, and clay wraps.

ice pack company

For businesses interested in carrying Rapid Aid products, there are two options:

  • Private Labeling. Here, both medical and retail companies can put their brand on Rapid Aid products and market them as your own. Working directly with Rapid Aid representatives ensures the products are customized to reflect your brand. We have over 25 private label brands currently on the market today.
  • Branded Solutions. Companies also have the opportunity to take advantage of our brand, one of the leading providers of hot and cold therapy products on the market. These products come with the Rapid Label brand on them.

No matter which option you choose, We can provide you the quality and support you need to enhance your current product line or enable you to enter new markets.

Global capacity to meet any requirement

As of 2021, Rapid Aid is producing over 4 million units per month. Because of its massive manufacturing capacity, we can provide your business with several products at once. When working with large manufacturers, shipping times and processes can be a nightmare — not with Rapid Aid! With our global presence and manufacturing facilities in three countries – Vietnam, Canada, and China – we can provide on demand solutions and rapid delivery times regardless of your location. For companies that may need products on short notice or have a constant demand for these packs, this is a significant benefit. Extensive medical facilities and Chain stores rely on Rapid Aid’s dedication to highly efficient manufacturing processes to satisfy their customer’s needs.

As the owner of the manufacturing process from start to finish, we control the labs, design, testing, compliance, production, quality, and distribution of our products. Our unique and innovative approach to the manufacturing process allows for flexibility and the diversity of products you need to get up to speed quickly and cost-effectively.

For those buying in large bulk, we offer special pricing. For businesses interested stocking our cold packs in bulk, contact Rapid Aid for a quote.