Rapid Aid is the leader in manufacturing high-performance cold packs with various external coverings, allowing you to select the best cold pack company for your requirements

Ice Packs Companies For Retail, Medical, Or Therapeutic Applications

Exceptional Treatment for Pain and Swelling

Ice wraps and ice packs have been used by surgeons, physical therapists, chiropractors, and top-level athletes for decades. Why? Cold provides the fastest and most effective therapy for injury relief. It reduces inflammation and draws blood flow to the injury to enable a shorter healing time and less pain to the affected area.

Pain Management for Professional Athletes

Sports injuries are common in high-level competition. Injuries caused by sports or everyday activities, such as ankle and knee sprains, hamstring and groin pull, lower back, shoulder, and rotator cuff pain, can be relieved effectively and quickly by using icing as a short-term remedy. While pain killers and analgesics may mask the pain, they don’t promote healing in the affected area. Ice compression therapy has been shown to significantly reduce swelling and pain and enable a more rapid recovery. Rapid Aid ice wraps and ice packs provide immediate relief and instantly promote blood flow and healing.

We designed the most advanced medical ice packs for a wide range of medical applications.

Cold compresses for cold therapy are a mainstay of medical providers for relief from pain caused by injuries. It is also beneficial in reducing post-operative bruising or swelling. Traditional means of applying cold packs were using ordinary ice, gel-based ice packs, and dry ice.

To meet the demand for the increasing demand for quality, technologically advanced ice packs, Rapid Aid designed and developed reusable, leak-free medical ice packs for most medical applications.

Ice packs companies like Rapid Aid are designed for comfort and lasting cold therapy!

While traditional ice packs may just be filled with ice water, they are not meant to last over a specific period. And, most are not designed with comfort and ease of use. Our ice packs were created to be gentle on the skin and mold to the body’s contours. Unique formulations also allow them to remain colder than ice.

Designed for medical professionals and patients alike

Uncomplicated. Easy on the skin. Multiple applications. Multiple product configurations. Everything a cold pack company should supply in their ice packs:

  • Superior treatment for first-aid requirements for trauma and burns
  • Alleviates headaches and clogged sinus/stuffed noses caused by allergies and colds
  • It gives relief from puffy, tired eyes
  • Provides relief from inflammation and pain in addition to reducing bruising and swelling caused by injuries
  • Speeds up the healing process
  • Used in post-surgical procedures and post-operative care for restoring mobility and strength more quickly

Used by medical institutions and clinics worldwide, we are one of the leading solutions manufacturers for patients and medical practitioners alike. Known for our superior quality, unmatched durability, rapid freezing times, and reuse, there is a reason why a cold pack company like Rapid Aid has been around for over 40 years.

Why Partner with Rapid Aid As Your Ice Pack Company For Private Label Solutions

Our comprehensive portfolio includes over 250 options and sizes for consistent and effective cold therapy that are easy to activate and can be applied directly to the skin.

Does your company have a powerful brand and need global access to manufacturing, labor, and supplies? Keep production costs in check while improving your supply with white-label cold pack solutions from Rapid Aid. Here’s why a partnership with our team might be the right move for you:

Minimize supply chain risk

  • Minimize supply chain risk
  • Full production with the ability to control costs
  • Grow rapidly with a low barrier of entry into new markets
  • Ensure quality & regulatory compliance
  • Innovate faster with in-house engineering expertise

About Our Private Label Solutions

Rapid Aid specializes in helping build businesses through our expertise in private labeling. We will work closely with your team to define the exact specifications and designs that will work best and meet and exceed any regulatory compliance requirements, production audits, and artwork parameters in the process.

As the most trusted name in hot and cold therapy and cold chain packaging, we work hand in hand with some of the world’s largest medical companies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, retailers, and transportation companies to provide high-quality, privately branded products. We believe that the success of your business is the success of ours.

Peace of mind. Brand protection. Satisfied customers. That’s our guarantee. Click here to find out more about our private label cold pack solutions for companies, or contact us for pricing and more information.