How to Treat Hockey Injuries Using Hot and Cold Therapy Products

By November 18, 2022cold pack, Hot Pack
How to Treat Hockey Injuries Using Hot and Cold Therapy Products

Like many other highly physical contact sports, hockey exposes players to a range of common injuries. It’s typical for players to encounter a variety of fast-paced, aggressive, and non-stop impacts that almost inevitably results in injuries of varying complexity and severity. From ankle injuries (ligament issues, fractures, Plantar Fasciitis) to concussions, elbow and shoulder injuries, some risks cannot be completely eliminated even with the appropriate protective gear.

That said, hockey players need to be as careful as possible to mitigate risk of injury and learn how to treat it in case they fall victim to an injury. There are different treatment methods for hockey injuries, and their choice will depend on the severity and type of injury.

Heat Therapy or Cold Therapy

When dealing with sports injuries, the quickest and best way to facilitate recovery is by using cold and heat therapy at the appropriate times so that relief is fast and thorough.

Heat Therapy

Heat therapy treats pain or injuries associated with muscle stress and strain. When muscles are stressed, and in pain, perhaps due to overuse injuries related to grip-related stress, heat therapy can relax the muscles so that the pain subsides. Our instant hot pack for pain relief is the perfect on-the-go solution to soothing stiff muscles/joints and calming soreness.

Cold Therapy

Cold therapy is an excellent and highly effective sports injury mitigation method. Also known as “ice therapy,” “cold therapy” treats new injuries that are sensitive, inflamed, or swollen. The therapy also treats acute pain and damaged superficial tissues like torn muscles. Our wide range of cold compress products, such as reusable cold gel compress & wraps, instant cold packs, and clay compresses, are economical and effective alternatives for treating specific body parts to relieve discomfort.

Ensure you source your hot and cold therapy products from a trusted supplier. Rapid Aid provides the best cold and hot therapy products on the market. Our range of products can be used to treat nearly all types of hockey injuries. If an injury is serious or doesn’t show improvement, we always recommend consulting a sports medicine specialist for alternative treatment.

The PRICE Technique

PRICE is an acronym for Protection, Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. Protection through the use of a support or splint and rest is vital to prevent further damage. Applying ice (cold therapy) reduces pain, swelling, and inflammation, while compression supports the painful area and the joints. Lastly, the appropriate elevation of the injured area facilitates the healing process.

However, being a conservative approach, the PRICE technique can only work for minor injuries like tendonitis, strains, and tears. The method can significantly reduce the athlete’s recovery time if undertaken within a few hours of the injury.

Anti-inflammatory Medications

Besides using hot and cold treatments, athletes can buy over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen (Motrin or Advil). These drugs are best used immediately after the injury for pain relief and shouldn’t be used over a long period of time.

Shockwave/EPAT Therapy

Shock therapy is a noninvasive and painless method of dealing with inflammation resulting from hockey injuries. This therapy delivers impulse pressure waves deep into the tissues and muscles to relieve pain.

Other treatment methods for hockey injuries are physical therapy and surgery. Surgery is ideal for severe injuries.

Trust Rapid Aid for Your Hot or Cold Therapy Products

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