Antimicrobial Gel Pack for Transportation

Product Description


Although protocols for GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) may already be in place, there are many steps along the supply chain where contamination can occur. Cold packs should not be one of the risks. The TempAid™ antimicrobial gel pack integrates a broad-spectrum, antimicrobial technology into the polymer film to help prevent the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew that lead to unwanted odors, stains and product degradation.



  • Ideal for closed loop distribution applications with a high probability of bacterial transfer, such as labs or tissue banks.
  • A proven solution for pharmaceutical products, frozen food shipments, fresh agricultural produce and seafood.
  • Restrains the growth of bacteria on the product surface, reducing the risk of person-to-product or product-to-person cross-contamination.
  • The antimicrobial agent is infused into the polymer film during manufacturing and will not wash or rub off on containers or cause a reaction with EPS/Styrofoam packaging.
  • Durable enough for reuse: Able to withstand up to 300(PSI) lbs./sq. inch of pressure, and capable of being cleaned and refrozen for repeated use.
  • Uses both a non toxic, non-hazardous gel and exterior antimicrobial agent approved by the FDA under 21 CFR Part 177 and food contact adhesives under 21 CFR Part 175.
Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

Available Upon Request

Available as TempAid™ Brand
Available as Private Label product

Product # Dimensions Weight Packs/Case Cases/Pallet
AM8424606 4” x 6” 6 oz 90 80
AM8426716 6″ x 7″ 16 oz 36 50
AM8426923 6” x 9” 24 oz 24 50
AM8426930 6.5” x 9.5” 32 oz 12 80

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