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Why You Need A Cold Gel Eye Mask - Rapid Aid

Why You Need A Cold Gel Eye Mask

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There is a long way to go before the days of Zoom meetings and long hours sitting in front of the computer will be past us. Thanks to COVID-19, the…

hot and cold therapy myths | hot or cold compress for headache

Rapid Aid Debunks Top 10 Hot and Cold Therapy Myths

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Misinformation surrounding cryotherapy (cold therapy) and thermotherapy (hot therapy) is common because many people assume they understand when to use one versus the other. As the leader in hot and…

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Hot and Cold Therapy- Application Uses During and After Pregnancy

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Pregnancy and childbirth can be an uncomfortable time for many women; between the sore feet, aching back, the mind-numbing pain of childbirth and the aftermath of it all.  Fortunately, there…

Infographic Pain Management and Therapy Hot vs Cold Packs

Hot and Cold Therapy – How they work and when to use them

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  OVERVIEW The mind-numbing pain of a muscle injury or ailment can cause you to lose focus, and you may be unable to decide whether to treat it with hot…

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