Product Description

Ice bag for pain relief is the classic home remedy to help treat everything from headaches to foot pain. Our large 11 inch ice bag provides the cold relief needed to soothe swelling and calm inflammation fast. The soft exterior fabric is gentle on the skin, while the rubberized lining on the inside prevents drips and leaks. The threaded cap also forms a water-tight seal for even further leakage protection.


COLD THERAPY – For immediate injury treatment

  • Relieves aches & pains: reduces inflammation and muscle spasms
  • Reduces swelling & bruising: Helps soothe pain by reducing blood flow to the area
  • Numbs the sore area: Works effectively to reduce pain
  • Threaded cap forms a water-tight seal preventing leakage
  • Soft material outside, rubberized leak proof lining inside
  • Large 11” capacity
  • Easy-to-use, convenient
  • Extra wide opening for easy filling

Available as Rapid Relief brand
Available as Private Label product

Size Product Code
11″ (28cm) 95530

Looking for a different size? Please contact us, we have a variety of sizes and packaging options to meet your needs